Creating a Regional Geoid with TopLINK

A geoid file contains data on a physical reference surface. The shape of the geoid reflects the distribution of mass inside the earth. The rise and fall of the surface in a geoid is important for converting GPS-derived ellipsoidal height differences to orthometric height differences.
Global Geoid model files are often too large to store on a data collector so there are various ways to reduce the size of your geoid model to cover a specified area by cutting out a portion of the geoid using boundaries or a radial area.

Using Topcon Link, you can create a Topcon geoid file (*.gff) for a defined area from any supported geoid model creating a sub-section of the selected geoid file by identifying the minimum and maximum longitude and latitude. This smaller file can then be exported into TopSURV.  When converting from a Geoid file, the user can enable and select only the Change geoid bounds option.


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